Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Platform Confessions

As I sat on the 1 train this morning I kept praying to myself that maybe, just maybe, the train would stop at 207th street instead of going express from Dyckman to 242nd. But my prayers were interrupted by this man who decided to use his speakerphone to check his voicemail. WHY?

It makes no sense to me. I don’t wanna hear this shyt… I just wanna ride the train in peace; maybe get off at my own damn stop, instead of having to walk 8 blocks just to catch a bus to take me across the 207th street Bridge!
But this man got me thinking, what makes a person believe that everyone should hear his private messages…Then I said, f*ck that… what makes a person believe that everyone wants to hear their music selection on their got damn cell phones!?!


I'm saying...Why isn’t this a crime? Everything else in this damn city is… walk through the train cars…pay a fine… have an open container on the corner… pay a fine… sitting on the corner….pay a fine… take ya wallet out… get shot… and then pay a fine!
and yet playing Solijah Boy on a crowded subway car from ya muthaf*ckin cell phone is okay! The shyt doesn’t even have good sound quality. And why oh, oh why, don’t these cheap Radio Raheem ass muthasuckas buy some damn headphones. They only cost $10… a whole lot cheaper than that $400 sidekick you don’t even need cause yo ass is only in the 8th grade!

Am I wrong for wanting a peaceful ride? Am I?

I guess I am, cause as I sat there trying not to fume over this incessant chatter from his speakerphone… The biggest man in the world sits on me! NO you read it right, ON ME… Not next to me, but on me!
You knew ya big ass wasn’t gonna fit in that narrow ass space, but you just felt like trying, huh?… felt like “lil Webster isn’t gonna make a fuss”, well muthasucka you’ve messed with the wrong one today.

What the hell is it with big people…and I don’t mean fat people, cause there is a difference, I simply mean big people. Don’t you see that your elbow has just came in contact with my face… don’t you even look down… SHYT! Then you look at me as if I’m supposed to move just cause yo ass wanted to squeeze in… F*CK YOU NICCA! I was seated here first sit in one of the other 1,000 seats on this f*ckin’ train that isn’t stopping at 207th street. And they really wanna raise the fares!?!?!

Sheeeeiiiiiit don’t even get me started!

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He loves us all

He loves us all
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