Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ménage-a-Trois Fantasy Draft

Ménage-a-Trois Fantasy Draft hosted by the Mel Kiper Jr (Sans the hair), of Ménage A Trois Cleophus!

Are there Sexier Picks then mine, YES? Would someone have a different list, OF COURSE! But this is my BLOG so I put up what i want to put up! These are the women in order, I would love to have a Ménage-a-Trois with...

Welcome to the 2008 Ménage-a-Trois Fantasy Draft:

#10... Sally Richardson & Pam Grier (Mother daughter / Cougar Division)
This pick unites multiple generations of Black men -- those from the 70's thru 90's. . Between the two of them they have had sex with Many Black stars of the past... Jim Brown (mother) Deion Sanders (Daughter). -
#9... Laura London & Cassie (Fucked Puffy Division)
Laura London grew on me after the Movie ATL... Her BFF Cassie can't sing a lick but I am sure she knows how to lick, it's the only logical explanation for how she got a record deal. It is on public record that Puffy has Fu#ked the both of them..

#8... Michelle Rodriquez & Claudette Ortiz (City High) (Rice and Beans Division)
This is my all Latina pick of the draft. Michelle is not the sexiest Latina out there but there is something about her I love. I heard she only dates women but hey that adds to the fun of the hunt... I love girls who are in great shape plus she is tough as nails. She would enjoy me throwing her around the bedroom a little. Claudette Ortiz is like Rap music on my I-Touch, a throw back to the 90's. I loved this chick in High school and she will never leave my heart, if she comes to Harlem I'll get her City High!

#7... Paula Patton & Janet Jackson (Bi Chicks into S & M who do Coke)...
What you know about my COKE/S&M division. Paula does WHITE LINES, common knowledge, hell, her husband wrote a song about it. She is also bi (perfect for my draft)... Janet, is a freak! She would have been a top 5 pick but she dates JD (Lil Turd) and well she had to lose points for that.

#6... Allyson Felix & Serena Williams (I Want the condom to break so they can have my child division)... I am an advocate of safe sex however, in this case I want to go raw, in hopes to pull a "Tom Brady" and impregnate them both. Allyson is a multi-medal Olympian who is as fast as the wind and has a sexy body. Serena has a butta face but her body is sick and the the thought of bouncing quarters off her a$$ is too much to pass on. These two ladies are Physical specimens that will allow me to have a super athletic son. He would be a real life Universal Solider. Combining their DNA and my knowledge of sports, my sons will be First Round Draft picks in some sport!

#5... Jessica Alba & Jessica Biel (WHITE castle Division) This one would piss off Middle America. I would film this intense 3 way action, buy a bottle of Viagra and wear these young ladies out until the cows came home. The 4 hour film of hardcore action would make me millions on the web. White folks would be more upset at me then Obama winning the election. (Maybe not that mad)

#4... Angelina Jolie & Kim Kardashian (Freaks of Hollywood)
Angelina is just sexy and documented freak who likes to have sex with women. Kim Kardashian is a freak and likes to film her self having sex. This is a win win situation.. Angelina use to have a romper room in her house for crazy sexual encounters. Kim would have had a higher score but she slept with brandy's lil brother. *BRANDY's lil Brother*

#3... Gabrielle Union & Melinda Williams (best friends make best Ménage Partners division) This is my COCO night of love. These two young ladies have sexy chocolate skin and I have some Milk waiting for them. Thousands of kids will die from their stomach acid on this night of passion.

#2... Rosario Dawson & Alicia Keys (Two girls from the LES Division) Both girls are from the LES in NYC... I think I would have Alicia play the Piano while Rosario and I get the night started... I can see the weed smoke billowing in the back ground to give Rosario a flashback of KIDS and then have Alicia Keys rock her outfit from Smokin' Ace's and get the party started. Sorry I had to go 2 the bathroom, just the thought of this got me a little too excited!

#1... Halle Berry & Beyonce Knowles (Number 1 on every Black man’s list, except for David Justice, Wesley "I ain’t paying Taxes" Snipes, Spike Lee!
One's part deaf/crazy the other wears crazy wigs/weaves, but I love them both. What man would not want to be in this situation? The Grand Master of the KKK wouldn't even turn down this combination. Money, power, beauty-- it’s the ultimate combination. It’s like having a team with Jordan & Magic, Barry & Emmitt, Ruth & Bonds, Frosted Flakes & Milk... You just can not beat this combo... How much would you pay to see this threesome on Video? I don’t care if I look like Shrek, people would pay 500 dollars to see this Ménage in action. Obviously while filming this action packed film I would throw up the ROC just to see how it feels to be Jay-Z for a nut!

HONORABLE MENTION... I have no idea who this girl is but she is my Sub Alternate!

She is my Ace up the sleeve!!!! She is like Tony Romo, an undrafted free agent who will become a star.


Webster said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Webster said...

Her name is Angel Lola and her rear was brought and paid for by the citizens of XXL magazine! A$$ injections, the latest fab for the video "hoe"... I mean "Model"

Mr. IMHO said...

I'm not feelin the ass injection movement...that bird over at Sin City had a butt that felt like a was nice to look at tho

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He loves us all
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