Thursday, January 24, 2008

Backcourt Violations

Little late today, actually had work to do. As much as I love the NBA, I'm also interested in the supposed top 4 guys coming out of college this year. So I'm planning on watching the televised games they have left so I can make some informed points...or something like that.

Cleveland 121, Washington 85

Sleepwalking + Perfect game from a big white dude named Zydrunas = total shellacking. Cavs aren't that good, Wiz aren't that bad.

Toronto 114, Boston 112

You probably figured I would lead with this game right, figuring the plucky Raptors defeating the mighty Celts would be a big deal. Wrong. EVERYONE knew the Celtics would hit a rough patch at some point. Most just figured it would be during their west coast trip. Jose "Tego" Calderon (only I call him that) converted a game winning 3 pt play. Somehow Boston ended up with Eddie House taking the final uncontested shot.

Denver 107, Atlanta 100

Marcus Camby is the best defensive player in the NBA, forget what you heard about Bruce Bowen or whoever else. It's not even close.

LA Clippers 111, Sacramento 85

So basically crazy owner Donald Sterling bashes Clippers head coach in the media one day. Next day Clippers go out and destroy Sacramento. If only it worked like that every time. If only the Clippers got to play Sacramento every night. Nice to see white people have a decent guy to cheer for (Chris Kaman).

San Antonio 103, LA Lakers 91

Spurs looked dead in the first half. Came out like gangbusters in the second half. Whatever Pop said to them worked. Get ready for the annual "Spurs start kicking everyones ass" streak.

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He loves us all

He loves us all
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