Friday, February 8, 2008

Goodbye Blogspot!

Well, the time has come for us as a team to seek greener pastures. We've done some fine work here at blogspot, and established the fact that we CAN blog in an entertaining, informative, and engaging fashion.

Thanks to all of you, our confidence is at an all time high.

So we're not fading softly into that good night. Rather we are moving to a better forum.

You can find
A Modest Collection of Thoughts (A.M.C.O.T.) over at

Don't miss nuthin!

Movies That Need a Sequel?

Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai (1999)

Tagline:All assassins live beyond the law... only one follows the code

Plot Outline:An African American mafia hit man who models himself after the samurai of old finds himself targeted for death by the mob. "Yes you read that correctly, a Black Samurai who is a hit man for the MOB, in Boston of all places... BOSTON! I can't make this stuff up. The Writer / Director-- Jim Jarmusch was obivously smoking some of the finest Purple Haze when he wrote this movie. Who was in the room when he presented this script and green lighted this project?

Forest Whitaker is a Multi Oscar Nominated / Oscar award winning actor. I still have not recovered from watching the Crying Game, that one scene (you know what I am talking about, still sends chills down my spine)... In 1999 was Forest in a slump? Who comvinced him this movie would advance his career. Did Jim Jarmusch have pictures of Forrest in a Crying Game like Fashion? Did I mention the RZA did the soundtrack and made an appearance in the movie.

The funniest part of the movie is Forest emulates the samurai warrior even though he uses a gun. So when holstering the gun he would whip the gun around a couple times as if it was a sword and place it in to the holster like a Real Samurai Docking his Sword, "a 10 on the un-intentional comedy scale". I only have Two questions when is the Sequel coming out and when is Forest going to get his crooked eye fixed?
Are they just different Sizes or is that just me? Hey look at me Forest, which way are freaking looking. How do you expect me to conduct this interview if you won't look me in the eye. You are looking right at me? Ohh Sorry.... So once again why did you do this movie?

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Pedro Martinez and Juan Marichal: Cockfight

PEDRO: So Marcelino's going to give me back my DVD's ?
JUAN: Well, he will if Little Pedro Martinez wins the cockfight.
PEDRO: Great! What?
JUAN: Well, Marcelino, he has cockfights in the back of his store.
PEDRO: Ah ha...
JUAN: So, he says if Little Pedro Martinez wins, you'll get your DVD's back.
PEDRO: Juan, cockfighting is illegal.
JUAN: Only in The United States.
PEDRO: It's inhumane!
JUAN: No, Pedro, it's not what you think it is.
PEDRO: It's two roosters peckin' at each other!
JUAN: What?
PEDRO: Yeah!
JUAN: Well, I thought they wore gloves and helmets, you know, like "American Gladiators."
PEDRO: No Juan, Little Pedro could get hurt.
JUAN: Well, I left him with Marcelino!
:::Pedro shrugs and holds his hands out:::
JUAN: My Little Pedro!
:::Runs out of the room:::

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

(I went to Haiti and all I got was 4 stitches and a shitload of mosquito bites.)

One pound of marijuana in Haiti: $30 USD.

One gram of cocaine in Haiti (10x more potent than anything that touches American soil): $5 USD.

Ransom collected the last time my boy was kidnapped in Haiti: $40 USD (and a boombox).

Living in a country where the most pressing national issue is determining the exact chemical cocktail that caused the death of one idiot actor: Priceless.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It is indeed Super keep this in mind...

Vote or Die, bitches!.....take that....take that

Super Tuesday

My fellow Americans! Get out there today and do your #1 job as citizens of the greatest country in the world!

Today is the day! Don't act like a hippy, you can make a difference (unless you live in new york, if you do you're vote doesn't matter because this state will go to the democratic nominee).

Let's start with a brief run down of each of the candidates.

Hillary Clinton

This lil' lady is the wife of our nation's first black president, Bill Clinton. She has been working within the system ever since, and is now poised to grasp the leadership reigns on her own.

One of Hil's biggest issues is her desire to get our country to accept universal health care, a policy that would greatly enhance the quality of life for everyone (except the most wealthiest) in the good ole US of A!

But let us not forget that Hillary voted for the war in Iraq!

Barack Obama

He's a cool fellow who is all about eliciting positive change in our country. To his credit, Obeezy voted against the war in Iraq, and has since focused on increasing our energy independence (HUGE) and also on establishing universal health care.

Obama is a smoker, I hope he smokes Newports, cuz they are easily the coolest ciggs. Many have also questioned his experience, as he is young and a relatively newbie in the political field. But I think the experience thing is an overblown load of crap.

He also bears a decent resemblance to my friend Kenny! And that is tre' cool.

John McCain

This dude is a real life fucking Chuck Norris. During the Vietnam War his plane was shot down during his 23rd bombing run. He survived the crash and was captured by the enemy where he endured five and a half years of torture in a prison camp. During his internment, he had a watch that he planned on passing on to his son. To keep it from being confiscated, he hid his ass...wait that might've been Pulp Fiction.

McCain is commonly viewed as one of the more moderate Republican. He is conservative on many traditional Republican issues (health care, abortion) but has been known to be liberal on many others (education, gun control).

Do be aware that McCain is definitely a Hawk (you would be too if the Vietnamese poked you with sticks for 5 years!) and is also a ripe 71 yrs of age (he would be DEAD by the end of an 8yr term). Those are things to keep in mind when voting.

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney was once the Governor of Massachusetts, a piece of shit state that until recently was a cursed as the princess on Shrek. He built a highway there that from all accounts was a disaster and collapsed like 12 hours after being completed.

Also, Romney is a Mormon, and as we know, Mormon's eat babies and marry thousands of women at a time.

Enough silliness, Mitt Romney has been known to waffle on the issue of abortion. That's not the worst thing in the world though, as he has demonstrated a strong stance on tougher gun control laws and also is determined to increase legal immigration, while identifying and databasing the nation's illegal immigrants.

Plus his handsome face seems to have been chiseled out of solid granite.

In the end, all that is really important is that you execute your right to play a part in the process of selecting our nation's leaders. Leave the cynicism at home, get out there, educate yourself, and align yourself with the person whom you feel best suits your needs and ideals.

So if you can tear yourself away from the Giants' victory parade (pictured above) for a moment. Get out there and vote! And don't let anything (pictured below) stand in your way!

Change goin' Come "Sam Cook"

My views do not repersent all who are involved with this blog, nonetheless we are all proud Americans and we love our country. We might disagree on our candidate but we all agree America needs Change. We are still the best COUNTRY in the world but that does not mean we can not get better. There is no excuse the richest COUNTRY IN the WORLD does not have the highest Literacy rate, lowest crime rate, health care for all, social security for the elderly and the oppurtunity for all to have an equal education. Personally, I believe OBAMA can bring some good change to our country. At the end of the day it is more important that you go out and vote. Voice your opinion so the pundits and politicans see we are not a lazy country who is going to sit back and allow people to dictate how we should live our lives. They work for us and they need to remember who they work for!!! PLEASE GO OUT AND VOTE NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE VOTING FOR...




Monday, February 4, 2008

Random Celebrity Endorsement

"I love A.M.C.O.T! During filming for Big Trouble in Little China I turned to Kurt Russell and I said 'Kurt, you know what we need? A place to go where we can read about news, politics, entertainment, sports, and opinions with a humorous flair. A modest little place filled with thoughts'....22 years later that place finally exists!" - Al Leong (Actor, Stuntman, & Mustache Aficionado)

Sunday, February 3, 2008

2007 New York Giants: World Champions!!!!!!

Congratulations to the 2007 New York Giants. Six years ago this team was declared all but dead. Brandon Jacobs was banged up, Plaxico Burress looked like he would need an entire offseason to recover his wheels, and Eli Manning looked lost as usual.

Somewhere, Tiki Barber chuckled.

Fast forward to Feb 3rd 2008 and the New York Giants have been crowned the champs of the NFL. Tom Brady, Bill Belichek, Randy Moss, and the rest of the 2007 New England Patriots have been denied their shot at history (cue champagne toast).

So to all of those New York Giants fans out there, congratulations!

12 days till pitchers and catchers!
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He loves us all

He loves us all
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