Friday, January 25, 2008

Backcourt Violations

Two Spurs games in two nights...egh. I hate watching the Spurs play basketball. I know its being played well and all...but it's so damn boring. Friend of mine, MS, used to drive me nuts in college with all that "Big Fundementals" talk about Tim Duncan. I've never been any less interested in watching a particular player, that I didn't actually hate.

San Antonio 90, Miami 89

Spurs only led 3 times in this game if I remember correctly. Heat had every chance to win this one and end their incredible losing streak, but lets face facts the Heat are patently awful. They are pretty much the only reason I'm not taking daily shots at Isiah Thomas.

Golden State 121, New Jersey 119

Now THAT'S entertaining basketball. Of course Golden State's lack of ability to play defense allowed this game to be close. And god bless Don Nelson. He brought on little used euro rook Marco Belinelli specifically to foul woeful free throw shooter Josh Boone. IN THE THIRD QUARTER. It was hilarious, and the look on Boone's face was priceless. Also Monta Ellis might have a quicker first step than Barbosa. Just a thought.

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He loves us all

He loves us all
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