Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Backcourt Violations

(Photo Caption: This is what I think of when I think NBA, two poorly shaven Euros facing off)

There's certainly been more interesting nights in the association. The big news is Jason Kidd actually owning up to wanting out of NJ, and I guess the signing of Chris Webber to the Warriors. The first thing makes me happy. Kidd still has something left in the tank, and he's been downgrading his game with this current Nets squad. He's gonna be great on another contender. As far as Mr. Webber. My fascination with him goes back to this Fab 5 days at Michigan. Had an incredible combination of power, strength, size and speed. It was truly something to see. Even those first few years in Golden State with him, the infamous Latrell Sprewell, and current GM Chris Mullin, he was amazing. Fierce dunker, impact player on both ends of the court. Could even shoot the 3. However, he's always had a horrible attitude, and over time (and injuries) he managed to put the quietest 20 and 10 in NBA history (Knick fans you are seeing the fruit of his labor with Zach Randolph). What it comes down to is, I don't want my favorite team to watch, to employ a player I refuse to support.

New Orleans 117, Denver 93

The player singlehandedly carrying my fantasy team, Chris Paul, put up another gem with 23 points, 9 rebounds, and 17 assists and also was showered with MVP chants at various points during the game. What can I say besides...I agree.

Charlotte 107, LA Clippers 100

In the 3 games since being called to the carpet by the owner and then spanking the Kings, the Clippers are 0-3. So much for the thought that an owner's tirade could actually impact the players on the court. Also how badly did the Bobcats blow the drafting of Adam Morrison. I'll name my first kid SixtyNine if Morrison ever makes any kind of NBA impact.

Utah 97, San Antonio 91

Two of the league's more boring franchises play a game that couldn't hold my interest for more than a few minutes. Nothing like watching Jerry Sloan and Gregg Popovich scowl at each other. Makes you long for the days of Vinny Del Negro.


Shady Paz said...

I've always longed for the days of Vinny Del Negro....always

Mr. IMHO said...

So is Chris Paul the best PG in the league? Is he making Rasul better? Can I reacquire Rasul?

Also, where would Kidd make the biggest impact?

The Hitman said...

First off, RASUAL is your cousin, at least spell his name right.

Shady Paz said...

Denver and Dallas have already contacted the Nets about Kidd. I think Dallas would be the best fit for him. It would allow Dirk to go back to his 'Nash & Dirk' form add relieve some pressure off of him (since we all know he can't handle the pressure alone).

Shady Paz said...

BTW Fabrico Oberto is from Argentina.

The Hitman said...

good pull, i was waiting for someone to catch that.

I think he would make the biggest impact in Cleveland, they just unfortunately have zero to trade.

The Fixer said...

Webber is washed up for sure. I did like him in the 90s, but ever since his second year in Philly it's been a sharp decline. 8 and 5 as a Warrior is my prediction. G - State wins in the first round against an overachieving Blazer squad unless the Nuggets get their hands on Kidd like I'm hoping, in which case they'll make short work of em and Camby will re convince Webber he's better off at home.

CP = MVP, right now...you're right. But no way anyway gets it over KG if they can find their way to 68-70 wins. It just wouldn't make sense.

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He loves us all
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