Monday, January 28, 2008

d$ and Paz do up the Royal Rumble

d$ and myself attended the Royal Rumble at MSG on Sunday night. Here are some notes from the evening….

-Grey’s Papaya has the recession special going strong. 2 dogs and a 14oz soda for $3.50 (which already includes the tax)

- Watching people look around for 5 minutes before entering a porn store is priceless.

- Apparently they have a professional lacrosse team in NY that plays their home games in MSG and their mascot looks like a Megaman villain reject. (Clownshoe man)

-SNY was interviewing people outside MSG. As one of the interviews came to an end d$ yelled out “I love you Chris Cotter!!” He was spotted, thus ruining his shot at being interviewed.

-Mike Adamle (former American Gladiators announcer) now works for the WWE. Too bad he didn’t bring Larry Csonka with him

-Ric Flair was rocking the greatest robe of all time to the ring. Glistening and glorious.

-For the most part New Yorkers tend to root for the bad guys. (myself included)

-Mike Adamle called Jeff Hardy…"Jeff Harvey"…Where’s Gemini when you need him?

-Michael Buffer still has a phenomenal head of hair and “Let’s get ready to Rumble!” still stirs the crowd into a frenzy.

-Turley from ‘The Longest Yard’ is a wrestler whose only skill is being 15 feet tall.

-‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper is one of the coolest people alive, if you don’t believe me rent the movie “They Live” where he utters the line….”I came here to chew gum and kick ass…..and I’m all out of gum”.

-New York absolutely hates John Cena, yet when he made his surprise entrance the crowd went wild. (Must of been a mostly Yankee fan crowd...1st at bat: boo A-rod stinks...2nd at bat: yay A-rod hit a homer we will love him forever...3rd at bat: boo A-rod stinks)

-Saw Cowbell Man walking down the elevator wearing a sweet leather Mets coat over his smooth Coogi sweater. Don’t hurt em Cowbell Man. He let us know that he's heading down to Port St Lucie soon. I wonder if he packs his cowbell or if they let him carry it on the plane. Just a thought.

-As we were leaving we saw a drunk guy 40 something year old guy wearing a tie dye dragon t-shirt being held back by his mother after the security guards would not let him back up the stairs to go to the bathroom. "I'll kick your asses ::bangs on door:: I'll pee right in front of you then!" We later saw that same man peacefully enjoying a pretzel by himself on a street corner.

-We spotted Darryl Strawberry leaving from the players/wrestlers exit which lead to a raucous “Darryl…Darryl…Darryl” chant throughout the streets of NYC.

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He loves us all

He loves us all
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