Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ingrid, Thank you for restoring my faith in music...

In my life I’ve really only had three things in my life I can truly call my own; my sports fandom, my writing and poetry & my musical tastes. This blog is about the last on the list.

My first true memory was when I was around 8 or 9 years old, when I bought Billy Joel’s new CD “River of Dreams.” It was momentous for me in a million ways, but the biggest part of it was that I, at least in my own head, was part of the music. …I still am.

It’s funny, in a lot of ways, I’m not the same person I was, even as recently as a year ago, but music has the power to bring me to a place better than myself. For a decade, Billy Joel’s music helped me survive. His music and lyrics allowed me to live a life that otherwise might have ended, purely of stress and pain alone.

After graduating high school, I started to get into this acoustic pop artist names John Mayer. I loved “Why Georgia”, “St. Patrick’s Day”, “No Such Thing.” …hell, I still do, but when Heavier Things came out in October 2003, my life changed.

Billy Joel was the music of my life up to that point, having the strength to get through the toughness of the world.
John Mayer wrote the words of mid-20’s plight perfectly… and I was hooked. In my biased opinion, I believe Heavier Things presents a beautiful transition from the man John Mayer was to the man he wants, and knows, he can be.

In a lot of ways, I lived that transition myself.

For the past few months, I’ve been enamored, in more ways than one, with an emerging artist: Ingrid Michaelson. Everything with her clicks, which I think is awesome. I saw her open for Josh Radin and Schuyler Fisk 12 months ago, but in her short set, she stole the show.

She’s beautiful, witty, dorky, talented… self-actualized.

It’s no surprise that her music came into my life at this point. I am, and have almost become, the best of who I am. I’m achieving my self-actualization and it’s a beautiful thing.

Back to Ingrid… her words are simple and poignant, but incredible powerful. I’m jealous of her in a lot of ways. I know I’m a badass writer, but I can be long-winded and sticky in a lot of ways… this post included…

She’s the complete opposite of who I am as a writer, which is why I think I love her music and words as much as I do.

She has the goods to make it and her star is rocketing right now. At Starbucks today, they played one of her songs "Breakable", which I don't think has been getting airplay... and I'm hoping that it does. It's an incredibly well-crafted song and even inspired my own poem "Unbreakable" ... I am a dork.


Music is a huge part of my life… more so than almost everyone’s (and I don’t mean that to be condescending, it’s the simple truth…). I’m lucky to be fans of incredible artists such as Elvis Costello, Green Day, James Taylor, Weezer, Cary Brother, Brandi Carlile, and so on.

I’m just lucky to have three great artists that I can call my favorite… One ship is fading, one is in the stars, and one is raising the bar… and I hope I’ll be lucky enough to be along for the ride as long as I can.

TJ, Just keep me where the light is…

Nothing but love.


Mr. IMHO said...

She has some heavy, but perky titties.

d$ said...

...which is really my sole purpose for posting such a blog...

...touche, though... she's a cutie... #4 on the mania's top 50

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He loves us all

He loves us all
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