Sunday, January 13, 2008

Congratulations Jessica Simpson

Sorry, but that is what you get for mixing celebretainment into my football. Jesus tore down the temple for merging with commerce, I have yet to decide upon the punishment for watering down my religion with filth.

Congratulations to Eli Manning. This might be the worst thing that could have ever happened to the New York Giants, now Tom Coughlin will definitely get a multi-year contract extension, and he is the definition of a mediocre head coach whose team succeeded in a ....www..wwait Eli's talking! Tiki are you watching, HEY TIKI!!! Man, someone should fire an English teacher or two down in New Orleans, hell chances are they already drowned ::blink blink::too soon?

TV Viewing Bulletin:

1: I still can't find any reliable torrents of The Wire, so I'm still waiting until after midnight to see episode 3.

2: Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles premiers in roughly 2 minutes, it looks interesting, more on that later.
801pm: The police do not roughhouse white women like that.
803pm: Where did he get those uzis? He whipped 'em out like a video game! I mean seriously, one second he unloaded a shotgun into the front of the cruiser, then the next shot he was holding two uzis. He pulled off that switch faster than the guy in the Pizza Hut ad changes clothing
805: OZ character alert! Dean Winters - Ryan O'Reilly

808: "Half an hour, one bag, plus the guns, I'll make pancakes" Damn this show might just make it!
816: Serenity rocked! (Summer Glau as the fem-inator)
820: Yes I wish I had a Terminator for a teacher! And he's got a sense of humor! ("Class dismissed, LOL)...this is why you've gotta love FOX, they fear no Columbine reprisal and they've got an anti-Italian Family Guy up next! I would pay to develop a show where people got the chance to punch John Cougar Mellancamp in the face, and I fully expect it to air on FOX.
829: First phone call from "The Mayor" to talk about the show. Nobody knows I'm keeping a running diary of this show yet, thanks Bill Simmons!
836: Mrs. Connor is spunky as fuck...I don't get it. just cooperate with the Terminator bitch, right? It also turns out that she was Leonidas' wife in it all makes sense.
840: I am impressed with 1: the lack of forced comic relief 2: the minimalist approach to dialogue
842: She just drove up to the home of the man she allegedly killed? No issues, no problems? No friggin alarms? Eh, suspend the disbelief man!
844: Terminator's are historically suceptible to being hit by cars...I must remember this for when I fight the future.
849: "A needle and thread will slow the blood loss, do it now." Is this bitch Jack Bauer's dream woman or what!?
858: Drunk tough white boys...when will you learn?
900: Good first episode - I think all three characters are well cast. It's on the right channel for a good mix of sex and action. And with the writer's strike in full blast, there will be minimal distraction.


I have been watching television since roughly 1245 pm, uninterrupted. My head hurts, and my eyes are a little bloody-ish, but I've gotta be up on my media ya know. Plus, it was playoff football.

I think that the new Busch boy (Budweiser) reminds me a bit of Jim Dolan.
I want to see 10,000 BC

So let me get this straight, Hil is upset because Obeezy's camp mentioned that Bubba gave credit for the successful resolution of the Civil Rights movement to the Civil Rights legislature and NOT to Martin Luther King, Jr.


This is ooooouuuuur cooooouuuntry!

Meat N PotatoEs

Well, I've been on my back for an entire week with the flu. During this time I instigated a 936 reply email thread about race and identity in America. I squeezed off roughly three and a half shots of protein. I downed oodles and oodles of Nyquil, Tylenol, and TheraFlu (which makes you feel worse). I slept roughly 17 hours per day and finished three video games (the ending theme to Portal is hilarious).

I have 29 voicemails to listen to, 11 work related contacts to touch base with, and potentially 8 inches of snow to deal with. I have also been trying to generate more energy, but that is a work in progress. So apologies if I was missed at all this week, but the flu is no joke.

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He loves us all

He loves us all
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