Monday, January 21, 2008

Feb. 3rd, 2008

I'm going to qualify my statement somewhat before I make it. I'm a fan of the Dallas Cowboys. (P.S. for some reason I just watched the last 15 minutes of The Mod Squad, not helping my mood).

I've never been less interested in a super bowl my life. I guess I'm supposed to hate the Patriots like everyone else in America, but i'm not that much against them. I surely don't want them to win the Super Bowl, cause god knows when Peter King will stop slurping them if they do. But there's not a snowballs chance in hell of me cheering for the Giants to knock them off...absolutely not happening.

I'm obviously going to watch the game, but in not being able to cheer for anyone, I don't know how long I could possibly stick with it.

There's a good chance I'll be switching channels to this.

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Elena said...

I completely understand your reaction. This is how I felt when the Eagles and the Pats faced off a few years ago. Donovan McNabb is too ugly to root for and I was already tired of the talk of the Pats dynasty.

However, I'm going to urge you to rise above it. This season is bigger than conference rivalries. If the Pats win, we will have to hear about this season FOREVER. I mean it. Think about how many times you hear about the '72 Dolphins. This will be worse. Much worse. People will start dressing like Belichick (like Mugatu says "you must become... Derelicte"). Teams will abandon the run game. Linebackers will play for 17 years and still be talking about coming back.

This is the only game that stands in front of having to hear about the Patriots and their greatness for the REST of your life. Unless you're a Pats fan - and I mean legitimate Paahk the cahhr - you should be rooting against this happening.

I'll admit that I'm a Giants fan. But even during the season I rose to the occasion, finding it within myself to root FOR both DALLAS and PHILLY in the regular season to beat New England. Be kind, rewind, return the favor and unite against the Pats.

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He loves us all

He loves us all
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